About Us

In order to give clients the best opportunity to prosper in the future, Ryan Stang had to have access to the best resources, thought leadership, and financial products the life insurance industry had to offer. So, after spending ten years as a career agent for Mass Mutual, he became fully independent and formed Stang Insurance Consulting.

Ryan has a mission to always put the clients needs and desires first. Period. Being an independent producer allows Stang Insurance Consulting to analyze and understand a client's financial situation and then make unbiased and truly objective recommendations that lead to better outcomes for the client. There is no preferential treatment to any one company or product as each case has its own unique situation.

At the beginning of 2020, Ryan qualified for the high-level Producer Group, 'Lion Street'. Lion Street Firms are among the industry's most elite financial practices. Stang Insurance Consulting is a now a proud Owner-Firm of Lion Street, and is among the very few firms nationwide to meet its professional, production, and ethical criteria. Pairing Lion Street with Stang Insurance Consulting gives Ryan's clients privileged access to customizable, concierge level insurance and financial products. Several strategic partnerships have already been formed with other elite Owner-Firms on a national level, and brings the very best planning opportunities, intellectual capital, and exclusive resources to clients of Stang Insurance Consulting.

Those who don't have life insurance may be hesitant due to cost. However, what is the cost of not having it?

Often a family or individual will have a life insurance need and not even know it. Whether it be the person believes they don't have a need for coverage or believes they have an adequate amount through their workplace, the conversation should be had.

People deserve the right to have absolute transparency when they own or are purchasing a life insurance product.

Often a family or individual already works with an agent and believes they have adequate coverage. While they very well may, this is NOT always the case. Agents in the life insurance industry have been known to have agendas. They sell products that aren't always the optimal solution for a client or sell them a proprietary product because they work (or worked) for that particular company. They are incented and pressured to perform "home cooking" and push a particular product. Stang Insurance Consulting will review and appraise an existing contract to make sure it is both efficient, suitable, and is living up to a client's touchstones. Often, there is either money which can be saved or money that can be gained after completing a life insurance appraisal.

At Stang Insurance Consulting, we promise to help our clients become aware of the unknown, make the unknown understood, and turn disorganization into structure. This will create opportunities leading to better outcomes which will then help our clients improve the use and enjoyment of their wealth.